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To read more (as soon as yours come out) and to read more intentionally. My book club provides ample opportunity for variety, but I need to take it on myself to finish biographies and historical non-fiction. I'm a huge mystery fan, and you are one of the few writers who made me laugh out loud while reading!
I also joined the local gym yesterday, and start with a trainer tomorrow. I want to be around for a long time. Keep writing!

After a brief break from social media, in addition to "start blogging again", I have three goals this year; publish my next novel, Marley’s Curse, a Dickens Station Treasure Hunt Mystery, start a new novel, and continue expanding the free offerings for readers on DickensStation.com. Oops. I almost forgot "read more books by Donna Andrews."

I have to start off by thanking you for the wonderful books you've written that I enjoy so much! I actually listen to Audio Books by this stage of my life, so I eagerly await the appearance of the audio version. I am a business owner, with 2 cats, and I also know the meaning of BUSY! I agree entirely with your concept of SMART goals, and speaking from experience I can say I have NEVER achieved even "caught up" and am unaware of having reached perfection on much of anything, so I aim for perfection and accept the best effort I can bring to bear. By this stage of my life, I am modifying my standards of what is worth investing a lot of time in, and what is OK to apply the "good enough" standard to. Best wishes for the New Year and thank you again. Karen Parker

I've been doing goals instead of resolutions for many years, because they work better for me, too.

I love your books, and reread the Meg series a couple times during the pandemic as comfort reads. Your new books always skip to the top of my TBR pile!

I’m pretty much terrible at both resolutions and goals, but I’m ever the optimist about starting over! It doesn’t have to be a new year - may be a new month, a new week, or a new day!

On the reading front, I would like to fit in more time with my home library. I have so many wonderful books I just never get to, being stuck in the mentality “I don’t have time to read, I need to do ‘X’.” Recently, I was asked my most anticipated read of 2023, and of course, it was Birder, She Wrote!

I like your goal to be more productive with less stress. That is one I would like to work toward as well.

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