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Now you've done it. You mentioned shoes. More than once. Be prepared for the spam shoe-nami.

I have wondered why on some blogs the s h o e s word has been moderated. Thanks.

I loved "The Real Macaw" I knew the Pruits couldn't be trusted! Can't wait for you next. Any idea when that might be?

Dyslexics untie!

With T2 apparently gone, is everybody going to just forget about Nestor Garcia?

Or will Claudia and Tim encounter something suspicious--and dangerous--while on the beach in Miami, which ultimately (i.e. around page 200) connects to N.G.?

I haven't figured this out either, but at least it's shoes and not anything worse!

Careful, Donna- saying you don't like shoe ads is one step from saying you don't like shoes, and I think they can take away your girl card for that...;-p

Hate to say it, Joe, but I seem to have missed the shoe gene. I like shoes, but I don't go bonkers over them, and ever since the badly healed broken toe, I pick comfort over style every time.

I own 3 pair, 4 if you count my walking to the mailbox flip-flops.

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