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How about Michael and Robert for the twin boys? Maybe? I was disappointed, too, that they didn't arrive in STORK, but then I thought, what a great way to anticipate the next book! Thanks for entering my name suggestions. Sylvia

Gabriel and Matthew

I'm thinking twin boys named Aidan and Liam.


Is it too late to guess?

My vote is for Jonathan and Benjamin.

Aidan Jay and Liam Stuart from Aidan and Liam

Andrew and Michael for the boys and Margaret and Juliana for the girls.

My own twins are June & Alexandra and if they had been boys then perhaps Steven and Andrew.

Loved Stork Raving Mad which revived old memories of the hilarious side of having twins.

James and David for twin boys, Sarah and Abigail for twin girls

I don't know if it is too late, but my guess is Matthew and Sarah.

I haven't seen anywhere that the names hace been correctly guessed, so I'm giving it another go. How about Matthew and/or Jacob, and Hannah and/or Elizabeth.

I can't read hard back books (too heavy) so I am impatiently waiting for the paper back. The twin that recently arrived in our family were Frick and Frack until their arrival, now they are Mary and Tamar

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