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I read this and couldn't stop laughing. I've received those e-mails as well, but never with such an "interesting" subject. Though they are cute in their own way. Just because I am a science nerd, the ones with black heads are Black Vultures and the picture of the one with a red head is a Turkey Vulture. Thanks for the laugh!

So this was a mixed flock of Black and Turkey Vultures? Cool!

Great photos! While kayaking once (near Bear Mountain, NY), I came upon a whole flock of turkey vultures -- a bit overwhelming when they're in a large group. I read somewhere that turkey vultures "winter" in Virginia -- lucky you!

I hate to think what Shutterfly would do with the photos I took for the vet of one of the dogs' stitches.

I do like your photos, and enjoyed laughing at the thought of an entire book.

Hmm...perhaps I won't upload the shots I took of the stitches in my nephew's finger. Or the one where the dog squatted just as I was pushing the button. Or the ones of the snake swallowing the toad . . . yes, many things I do NOT want Shutterfly to package for me in a memory book.

Laughing here. A snake swallowing a toad would be cool as a book. You could call it "Everybody Eats."

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