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It's nice to hear that I'm not the only person who reviews the previous day's writing and does some revision before continuing on.

I'm still learning the craft, and while I realize that there is no "One" way to write, I sometimes feel isolated when it seems like NOBODY writes like I do. Grin.

Looking forward to the upcoming release as well as the WIP.

Shawn R.

I think you need to save those lines that you have to fix. I love the bit about the raven tucking one head - I laughed out loud when I read it.

I've been getting fascinated by Meg's notebook. What size it might be, how it's arranged. I tend to write lists that get hidden under other papers that I need to deal with someday :) This notebook thing sounds like a good idea. I guess I could buy an iphone, but those itty bitty keypads look like a pain.

I actually don't know, Kristina. I think her notebook has mutated over time. I suspect she started with a spiral notebook, and as her life become more and more complicated, she went to a small 3-ring notebook. I used to have one that would fit in my purse, back when I spent half my life in the office and half at home. Now, I use a Word document that I call up onto my desktop first thing every morning.

I'm beta-testing a full size spiral notebook. Can't keep it in my purse, but it's still nice for home and work.

I was able to order Stork Raving Mad on Barnes & Nobel a day or so ago! Looks like it's available.

I keep a few notebooks handy. My car, my purse, the bedtable...
I am looking forward to the next book- I take them to my sister, and read them aloud to her and the people whe are at the hospice where she resides. I think that I will continue to read there when she passes, your books bring laughter to an otherwise heart wrenching day for alot of the folks. Thank you

Donna, you are such a HOOT! You make me laugh out loud! Thank YOU!
I love all your writing!

Can we get a better description of the house? In Stork, I had problems picturing the layout.

I love your books. I'm not a fan of Disney, but I'm surprised they haven't snatched them up. To paraphrase the Master...I don't have to hide them under the sofa cushions when the teenagers walk in the room.

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