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Was that a *S*C*R*E*A*M*!*!*!*!*

or a "How Cute!"

Susan in Las Vegas

Yikes! The last time I saw a garter snake near me unexpected me, I shrieked a little bit. I know they're harmless, but they're still snakes.

I just rolled my arms and folded my eyes.

Hope all is well with you -- long time since I've enjoyed the pleasure of your company.

Freaking over a garter snake?! What are you? A bunch of girls? Oh, wait...

I've used the green method of mouse elimination before. I found a big ol' blacksnake in the yard and set it loose in the pantry. No more mousies.

Well, *I* wasn't freaking particularly, though I have to admit I was startled. And since I know the local snakes eat all kinds of pests, I wished it well as it slithered away.

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