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Hi, Donna!

Naturally, my beloved Chakkri(RIP)wrote that book about Listerine and used my name to publish it. And I've written all the books Amazon lists under my name. If only I could convince the publishers to send me the checks. Ah, well, there's No Rest for the Wicked...or should that be No Nest For the Wicket???


An Art teacher of mine in College said that he was once driving along on one of Southern California's infamous freeways one morning. And there, sitting upright and undamaged in the fast lane was a green velvet sofa.
As for really stranger than fiction, my mother worked at a hotel once where they had a convention of Abraham Lincoln look-a-likes. Tall bearded men in stovepipe hats wandering all over, and there were several Mary Todd Lincoln look-a-likes also. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when new people came into the hotel. Snicker.

Wow! I'm glad you're OK.

"No nest for the Wicket" is great. I think I've read it 3 times already. "We'll always have parrots" is probably my favorite, though. It would be cool if Meg and Michael spent some time with Maggie West at her animal sanctuary. Sounds like an amazing place for things go all go awry.

Just discovered your writing. So glad you write without resorting to bad language and steamy descriptive sex scenes. It is hard to find authors these days that don't resort to that sort or writing. THANKS for the good storys.

Could you and other authors suggest to your publishers to print the titles of your books in order they were written. It is difficult to read a book in the middle of a series where the characters have aged a few years and then read a book when the characters were younger.

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