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If I may, I believe the story is an old folktale. I've read it in the course of Arthurian research fairly recently, but I'm not sure if it's actually part of that set of folklore or older.

I'm glad to see you aren't charging. I was calculating that I owed you $15 already to two blog mentions and a link, and I'm not even a published author.

I agree with you. I love and have always loved talking about my favorite authors and trying to get others to read them. It's especially satisfying to hear that someone tried an author I like and liked them to. That's why I started reviewing at Amazon, to try to spread the word on authors I love. So I've gotten caught up in the ranking competition which led me to branch out to CD's and DVD's rather early. It's still a matter of wanting to let people know about things I like I think they will to. And I'm more then willing to do it for free.

Although I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at free books. :)

After hitting send, decided I should clarify. That last sentence wasn't a request for free books from anyone. Just intending to be a humorous statement of fact.

Donna, love your fees, and your comments. I agree completely. How much will that cost?

Agreeing with me is always free! Quibbling gets expensive.

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